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Gómez-Díaz RA, Wacher-Rodarte NH
Childhood obesity and dyslipidemia
Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc 2014; 52 (S1)

Language: Español
References: 30
Page: 102-108
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Screening and treatment of plasma lipid abnormalities secondary to obesity are among the interventions that should be implemented in children who are overweightor obese, in order to prevent a cardiovascular event. Dyslipidemias are a group of asymptomatic diseases that are commonly caused by abnormal levels of lipoproteins in blood; they are a comorbidity that is commonly related to obesity, without considering the age of the patient. Among dyslipidemias, hypertriglyceridemia has the highest prevalence. The etiology of the dyslipidemia should be identifi ed; it allows the proper selection of therapy for the patients and their family. The goal is the prevention of cardiovascular complications. Reduced caloric intake and a structured physical activity plan should be considered for initial treatment for all the overweight and obese patients. For adherence to treatment to be successful, the participation of the primary care physician and a multidisciplinary team is required. With treatment, the risks and complications can be reduced. The participation of a specialist in handling the pediatric obese patient with dyslipidemia should be limited to severe cases or those at risk for having pancreatitis.

Key words: Pediatric obesity, Dyslipidemias, Fat-restricted diet.


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