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>Journals >Medicina Cutánea Ibero-Latino-Americana >Year 2004, Issue 3

Cervigón GI, Pérez HC, Sandín SS, García GC, Gargallo QAB, García AD
Tattoo Granulomas: Initial Manifestation of Sarcoidosis?
Med Cutan Iber Lat Am 2004; 32 (3)

Language: Español
References: 22
Page: 131-134
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Sarcoid granulomatous dermatitis is one of the complications after tattooing. The presence of these granulomas can be produced by a foreign body reaction, a hypersensitivity phenomenon to the dye used or a sign of sarcoidosis.The histopathologic examination of the granuloma is not specific, and it is neccesary a general evaluation of the patient to discard a systemic involvement.We report a 31 years old woman who developed noncaseating epithelioid granulomas in a red tattoo. The complementary studies showed bilateral hiliar adenopathies consistent with sarcoidosis. The tattoo granulomas were the first manifestation of the disease.

Key words: sarcoidosis, tattoo, red dye, epithelioid granuloma.


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>Journals >Medicina Cutánea Ibero-Latino-Americana >Year 2004, Issue 3

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