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González BS, Rivera CAE, Tena TC, Sánchez GJM, Manuell LGR, Triana EJ, Jiménez CME, Ureña CJL, García HJ, Carrillo RJD
Recommendations to improve odontologic practice
Rev ADM 2004; 61 (3)

Language: Español
References: 37
Page: 109-116
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Introduction: The stomatologic alterations have a high incidence according with World Health Organization. In Mexico about 90% of the population have caries. Objective: To identify principal conflicts for dental attention observed in the complaints received in the CONAMED, and to generate recommendations directed to improve the quality of the dental practice. Methodology: Information about complaints received in the CONAMED (January 2001 to October 2002). Once elaborated the recommendations were submitted to a External Validation Group integrated by experts in the area. Results: It 177 complaints were analyzed; 63.3% corresponded to women and 36.7% to men. The most affected age group patients was 25-44 years old with 35% of cases; 91% of complaints was of private services. The most frequent causes of complaint were related to the treatment in 75.7% of cases. The principal procedures were: 25.6% orthodontics, 24.4% prosthesis, 13.3% endodontics, the rest with no significance the modality of conclusion of the complaints was the conciliation (53.1%). In a special sub-analysis of cases (N=100), malpractice was present in 43% of cases. Likewise the principal origin of identified problems were related with lack of communication or problems of communication between health personnel an their patients. Conclusions: identified factors in the complaints are related to the lack of communication among the health professional and patient, false expectations of the patients and to the breach of obligations. The factors identified in the complaints, are related to lack of communication among health personnel and their patients, false expectations of the patients and with the breach of obligations, they were considered in proposed recommendations.

Key words: Legal dentistry.


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