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Castillo BC, Joo MP, Choel MDA, Valdez GH, Lara AS
Massive lower gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to a Meckel’s diverticulum: a case report
Cir Gen 2017; 39 (2)

Language: Español
References: 14
Page: 101-104
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A 24-year-old male patient with massive hemorrhage of the lower digestive tract (HTDB); he presented hemodynamic instability and required multiple transfusions of blood products, being refractory to medical treatment. Panendoscopy was indicated, in which a conclusive diagnosis was not evidenced due to the presence of active bleeding; it could not be performed due to the hemodynamic status of the patient, for whom an emergency surgical treatment was decided. An exploratory laparotomy was performed in which the bleeding site was evidenced: a Meckel’s diverticulum; whereby, right hemicolectomy and terminal ileum resection were decided. The clinical data of the patient, his management and subsequent evolution, as well as the fundamentals taken into account by the surgeon to determine the surgical behavior performed are presented. This case demonstrates the need for a review of our current understanding of Meckel’s diverticulum.

Key words: Diverticulum, Meckel, small intestine, bleeding.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2017, Issue 2

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