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February-, 2010; Volume 78: Issue 02
Ginecol Obstet Mex 2010; 78 (02)


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Carlos Fernández del Castillo S

Original Articles

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Breast cancer and subsequent pregnancy. Infertility, death risk and survival
Nicolás Ramírez-Torres, Agustín Germán Robles-Robles, Víctor Hugo Villafaña-Vázquez, Hernández-Valencia, Marcelino

[Full text - PDF]
Abnormal cervicovaginal cytology in women with rheumatoid arthritis
Mercado, Ulises

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence of condyloma acuminata in women who went to opportune detection of cervicouterine cancer
Carlos Ramón Jiménez-Vieyra

[Full text - PDF]
Sociodemographic and obstetric factors associated with preterm birth
Morgan-Ortíz, Fred, Ariana Cinco-Sánchez, Francisco A Douriet-Marín, Josefina Báez-Barraza, Jairo Muñoz-Acosta, Osuna-Ramírez, Ignacio

[Full text - PDF]
Comparison of dinoprostone (ovules and gel) to achieve cervical ripening in patients with term pregnancy that occurs with premature membranes rupture
José Ángel López-Farfán, Catalina Gámez-Guevara

[Full text - PDF]
Comparison of climacteric syndrome symptoms among perimenopausal women from Mexico City and one Zapotec community of Oaxaca, Mexico
Carranza-Lira, Sebastián, Marco Antonio Flores-Miranda, Irán Gómez-Brigada

Review Article

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Pandemic influenza caused by A (H1N1) in pregnant women
Armando Torres-Ramírez

Clinical Case

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Spontaneous uterine venous rupture during pregnancy. Description of two cases and bibliographical review
María Pilar Andrés-Orós, Laura Server-de Castro, Virginia Roy-Ramos, Ana Vela-Lete

55 Years Ago

[Full text - PDF]
Behavior of cervix during pregnancy, labor and puerperium
César A González, Abelardo Salas Guerra, Rodolfo Arroyo Llano


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Third revision of the National Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer (Second of three parts)

>Journals >Ginecología y Obstetricia de México >Year 2010
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