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September-Diciembre, 2006; Volume 8: Issue 3
Arch Med Fam 2006; 8 (3)


Editorial articles

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Perspectives in Family Medicine
Muñoz-Hernández O, García-Peña M del C, Vázquez-Estupiñán F

[Full text - PDF]
The Experience of a Health Promotion Service for Workers at a Health Institution in Mexico
Bustos-Eslava J, Rivas-Valles JL.

Original articles

[Full text - PDF]
The Practice of Self-Care by Phytotherapy in a Group of Mexican Families
Barragán-Solís A

[Full text - PDF]
Quality of Life in Patients with Hemodialysis, and Ambulatory and Automated Continuous Peritoneal Dialysis
Caballero-Morales S, Trujillo-García JU, Welsh-Orozco U, Hernández-Cruz ST, Martínez-Torres J

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical Aptitude of Family Medicine Residents for Integral Study of the Family
Dorado-Gaspar MP, Loria-Castellanos, J, Guerrero-Martínez MB

[Full text - PDF]
A Diagnostic Approach to Smoking at a Family Medicine Clinic in Havana, Cuba.
Pérez-Pérez R, Palomo-Camacho L, Lima-Suárez A, López-Martínez A

[Full text - PDF]
Practical Phase of the Professional Exam: Student-Opinion Questionnaire Validation.
Ponce de León-Castañeda ME, Ortiz-Montalvo A, Petra-Micu I, Ortega-Gómez JL

Review Article

[Full text - PDF]
Tinnitus: Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care
Sáez- Jiménez R, Herráiz-Puchol C

Clinical case

[Full text - PDF]
A 53-Year-Old Woman with Fever,Pain, and Tumefaction in Right Hemithorax
Sáez- Jiménez R, Almodóvar-González R, Quirós-Donate FJ, Zarco-Montejo P, Mazzucchelli-Esteban R

Books Review

[Full text - PDF]
On the Pan-American Family Medicine Clinics 2006/1: The Family Physician and Care of the Elderly
Gil-Alfaro I, Bustos-Valdés M

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