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May-August, 2006; Volume 8: Issue 2
Arch Med Fam 2006; 8 (2)


Editorial articles

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Scientific Investigation in Family Medicine Practice
Ocampo Barrio P

[Full text - PDF]
The Physician-Patient-Family Collaborative Relationship
Garza-Elizondo T, Ramírez-Aranda JM, Gutiérrez-Herrera RF

[Full text - PDF]
Bioethics and Primary Care: Mutual Benefits
Altisent R

Original articles

[Full text - PDF]
Analysis of Family Structure in a Group of Pre-medical Internship Students in Mexico City
Petra-Micu I, Espinosa-Flores RM, Esquivel-Soto J, Valle-Molina L

[Full text - PDF]
Favoring Excellence in Family Physician Formation: The Fitness Program, an Innovative Experience
Levites RM, Janaudis MA, Moreto G, Roncoletta FTA, Albuquerque IC, González-Blasco P

[Full text - PDF]
Familial Functioning in Patients Integrated in a Dialysis Program: Intermittent and Ambulatory
Azcarate-García E, Ocampo-Barrio P, Quiroz-Pérez JR

[Full text - PDF]
Criteria for Prescribing Hypolipemiant Treatment in a Mexico City-based Family Medicine Unit
Palestina-Antunes MI, Ocampo-Barrio P, Quiroz-Pérez JR

[Full text - PDF]
Chronic Pain: An Anthropologic View According to Relatives and Patients
Barragán-Solís A

[Full text - PDF]
Integral Evaluation of Clinical Competence Through the Professional Examination
Ponce de León-Castañeda ME, Ortiz-Montalvo A, Bonilla-González I, Berlanga-Balderas FJ

[Full text - PDF]
Quality of Family Medicine Services According to Older Adults in Southeastern Mexico City
Campos-Navarro R, Afganis-Juárez EN, Torrez D

Review Article

[Full text - PDF]
The Importance of Physician-Patient Communication in Family Medicine
Hernández-Torres I, Fernández-Ortega MA, Irigoyen-Coria, A, Hernández-Hernández MA

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