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September-, 2007; Volume 10: Issue 2
Bol Mex His Fil Med 2007; 10 (2)



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Speech of beginning academic year 2007 and take possession of Directive Board of Sociedad Mexicana de Historia y Filosofía de la Medicina in the jubilee of its constitution
Roberto Uribe-Elías

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Editorial Note
Rodríguez de Romo, Ana Cecilia, Xóchitl Martínez Barbosa

Origianl articles


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First Description of Diabetes Mellitus in Michoacan
Octavio Carranza-Bucio

[Full text - PDF]
Cholera and Conflicts in Cordoba City, Argentina (1867-1868)
Adrián Carbonetti


[Full text - PDF]
Bioethics, Medical Investigation and Society
Ocampo-Martínez, Joaquín

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Problems that Face the Ethical Commities Research: Experiences in a Second Grade of Attention Hospital
Alberto Salazar-Valadez


[Full text - PDF]
Parents Image of their Children’s Malnutrition in Hueyapan State of Morelos, Mexico
Paulo-Maya, Alfredo

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Interculturality and the Right of Health Protection: a Transdisciplinary Proposition
Adriana Ruiz-Llanos

Mexican Physicians

[Full text - PDF]
An extraordinary clinician: Dr. Jorge Flores Espinosa (1909-1991)
Jorge Flores Valdés

Medicine Cases and Stuffs

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Dr. José Pedro Gama Carpio: Author of the First Book of Gastroenterology Published in a Mexican Province
Ernesto Gómez-Vargas

Books Review

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Claude Bernard: Candle Tallow and Scientific Originality
Luz Fernanda Azuela

In Memoriam

[Full text - PDF]
Miguel Ángel Martínez Alfaro (1942-2007)
Patricia Colunga García-Martín, Cristina Mapes-Sánchez, Francisco Basurto-Peña

>Journals >Boletín Mexicano de Historia y Filosofía de la Medicina >Year 2007

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