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March-, 2008; Volume 11: Issue 1
Bol Mex His Fil Med 2008; 11 (1)


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Editorial note
Rodríguez de Romo, Ana Cecilia, Martínez-Barbosa, Xóchitl

Original Articles

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The Teaching of Medical Physics in the National School of Medicine (Mexico) in the 19th Century
Roberto Ríos-Vargas, María de la Paz Ramos-Lara

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Pathological Heredity in the 19th Century in Mexico. The Medical-Legal View of Consanguineous Marriages and their Judicial Regulation
Fabricio González-Soriano

[Full text - PDF]
Ethics and Teaching Relations at the level of Residents and Interns of Medicine. Reflections according to Foucault and Bourdieu
Carolina Consejo, Viesca-Treviño, Carlos

[Full text - PDF]
Anthropological and Epistemological Considerations on Contemporaneous Medical Teaching
Roberto Campos-Navarro

Medicine Cases and Stuffs

[Full text - PDF]
History of Medical Care in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico
Fajardo-Ortiz, Guillermo

Books Review

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Dictionary of Medical Biography
Rita Robles-Valencia

[Full text - PDF]
Seminar of Jubilee: Contemporary medical thought
Roberto Uribe-Elías

>Journals >Boletín Mexicano de Historia y Filosofía de la Medicina >Year 2008

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