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January-March, 2008; Volume 6: Issue 1
Acta Med 2008; 6 (1)



[Full text - PDF]
Moral and medicine. Are we robots?
Karchmer K, Samuel

Original Articles

[Full text - PDF]
Progesterone micro-spheres to treat infertility
Gerardo Menocal Tobías, Rafael A Sánchez Usabiaga, Jorge Dueñas Riaño, Anaid Batista Espinoza, Sergio Romero Tovar, Elvia R Velázquez Martínez

[Full text - PDF]
Incidence and complications of acute respiratory infections in children attending day care centres
Humberto Pigeon-Oliveros

Case Reports

[Full text - PDF]
Behçet Disease: Case report with good response to colchicine
Arévalo Martínez FG, Badia Flores JJ

[Full text - PDF]
Intravascular large B cell lymphoma in a patient with recurrent mastitis, dementia and skin lesions; case report and literature review
León Ylgovsky-Weintraub, Fernando Videgaray-Ortega, Fernando De la Barreda-Becerril, Lourdes Molinar-Horcasitas

[Full text - PDF]
Anaesthetic management for caesarean section in a patient with cryptogenic hepatitis; case report
Rocío Areli Rojas Jaimes, Alfonso Cepeda Garza, Hilario Alvarado Hernández

Molecular Biology in the Clinic

[Full text - PDF]
Genomics in modern medicine
Luis Benítez Bribiesca

Therapeutic Update

[Full text - PDF]
Surgery boom in the management of obesity and metabolic diseases
Zárate, Arturo, Saucedo, Renata

Essays and Opinions

[Full text - PDF]
Metabolic surgery; type 2 diabetes and surgery
David Olvera Pérez

Therapeutic Vignettes

[Full text - PDF]
Aliskiren, a novel and different antihypertensive with antirenin effect
Zárate Treviño, Arturo

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