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July-September, 2010; Volume 24: Issue 3
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2010; 24 (3)



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MATER. Fast response team in critical obstetrics
Briones Garduño, Jesús Carlos , Díaz de León Ponce, Manuel

Research works

[Full text - PDF]
Early diagnosis of gestational diabetes
Pamela M Nava Díaz, José Meneses Calderón, Briones Vega, Carlos Gabriel, Díaz de León Ponce, Manuel, Briones Garduño, Jesús Carlos

[Full text - PDF]
Impact of vasopressors in the determinattion of glucose in those patients
Carrillo Esper, Raúl, Carrillo Córdoba, Jorge Raúl, Brenda Vinay Ramirez

[Full text - PDF]
Hemodynamic parameters and shock treatment as determinant of the coronary perfusion pressure (CCP) in the critically ill patient
Héctor Rafael López Pérez, Poblano Morales, Manuel, Christian Sánchez Castrillo, Aguirre Sánchez, Janet, Franco Granillo, Juvenal

[Full text - PDF]
Critical times of thrombolysis in patients with acute ischemic stroke in the hospital regional Ciudad Madero, PEMEX
Sánchez Medina, Jorge Rosendo , César Cruz Lozano, Juan Francisco Trejo Garza


[Full text - PDF]
Deletion syndrome secondary to the suspension of the sedo analgesia in those patients
Carrillo Esper, Raúl, Carrillo Córdova, Jorge Raúl, Carrillo Córdova, Luis Daniel, Carrillo Córdova, Carlos Alberto

Case report

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Global communication of the first fatal case report of a new human strain of influenza A H1N1 virus, in Oaxaca, Mexico
Marcelo Fidias Noguera Sánchez, Rosa Lilia García Kavanagh, Roberto Efraín Cruz Rojas, Laura Taboada Robles, Manuel Sánchez Sánchez

Images in medicine

[Full text - PDF]
Electrocardiographic abnormalities in pontomesencephalic hemorrhage
Carrillo Esper, Raúl, Carrillo Córdova, Luis Daniel, Carrillo Córdova, Carlos Alberto, Carrillo Córdova, Jorge Raúl

>Journals >Medicina Crítica >Year 2010

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