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January-June, 2016; Volume 18: Issue 1
Rev Mex Ortop Ped 2016; 18 (1)



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Castañeda Leeder, Pablo

Original works

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Is the Pavlik harness an effective treatment for femoral shaft fractures after obstetric trauma in neonates?
Castañeda Leeder, Pablo, Capdevila Leonori, Román, Fuentes Figueroa, Silvestre

[Full text - PDF]
Proximal femur fractures
Velázquez Aréstegui, Daniela, Capdevila Leonori, Román, Ponce Romero, Georgina

[Full text - PDF]
Does the success of Ponseti method is dependent on the level of experience?
Vidal Ruiz, Carlos Alberto, Mora Cerecero, Salvador, Morales Pirela, María Gabriela

[Full text - PDF]
Idiopathic toe walking classification
Pomarino, David, Ramírez Llamas, Juliana, Agüero, María Emilia, Pomarino, Andrea

[Full text - PDF]
Flexible flatfoot and its correlation with metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents
Valdez Jiménez, Luis Álvaro, Saucedo Campos, Alberto Daniel, Jiménez Flores, José Rafael, Cristóbal Sigrist, Santiago

[Full text - PDF]
External fixator, new alternative for the treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hip in patients over six years
Olalde Hernández, Miguel, Hernández Capi, Silvia, Olalde Medina, Julio César, López Reyes, Susana Nachelly, Aguilar Acosta, Ivonne


[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of patients with infantile cerebral palsy according to the analysis of gait and posture
Vidal Ruiz, Carlos Alberto, Calzada Vázquez Vela, Cristina, Morales Pirela, María Gabriela, Iturbide Siles, Pedro

Clinical Case

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Aneurysmal bone cyst of cervical spine: surgical management in a 15 year old girl. One year follow up. Case report
Ortega Padrón, Ramón, Valdez Jiménez, Luis Álvaro

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