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June-, 2013; Volume 5: Issue 1
Rev Mex Invest Psic 2013; 5 (1)


Research contributions

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Parental practices and role perception in parents of teenagers
Moral de la Rubia, José

[Full text - PDF]
Change point analysis to evaluate the stability of heart rate variability during sleep
Mateos Salgado, Erik Leonardo, Ayala Guerrero, Fructuoso, Domínguez Trejo, Benjamín

[Full text - PDF]
Psychometric properties of the Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI-2) in adolescent women of Lima
Domínguez L, Sergio, Villegas G, Graciela, Sotelo L, Lidia, Sotelo L, Noemí

[Full text - PDF]
Effects from a working-memory and sustainedattention training on the executive functions of children aged from 8 to 14 years
Alcaraz Mendoza, Fernando, de la Garza Anguiano, María Paloma, Jiménez Correa, Carlos Eusebio, Diaque Venturi, Mariel, Iriarte Méndez, Aida Alejandra

[Full text - PDF]
Reading comprehension and assessment at school
Irigoyen, Juan José, Acuña, Karla Fabiola, Jiménez, Miriam Yerith

[Full text - PDF]
Discontinuous trajectories in graduated education: the case of students of a school of psychology in Mexico
Mares, Guadalupe, González, Luis Fernando, Rivas, Olga, Rocha, Héctor, Rueda, Elena, Rojas, Luis Enrique, Cruz, Daniela, López, Roberto

[Full text - PDF]
Psychological variables and their relation with adherence to treatment among persons with HIV: An age-based analysis
Piña López, Julio Alfonso

Theoretical contributions and Conceptual reviews

[Full text - PDF]
Adaptation of nonverbal tests for neuropsychological assessment of Spanish-speaking adults
Izábal Wong, Cristina Elizabeth, Cotrena, Charles, Fonseca, Rochele Paz, Mojardín Heráldez, Ambrocio

[Full text - PDF]
About new procedures in interbehavioral psychology
Serrano, Mario

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Investigación en Psicología >Year 2013

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