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July-September, 2003; Volume 25: Issue 3
Cir Gen 2003; 25 (3)


Original Articles

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Exsanguination syndrome. Predictive and indicator factors to initiate damage control surgery
Eric Kuncir, Esther Rojo, Rattaplee Pak-art, Juan A Asensio, Gustavo Roldán, Tamer Karsidag, Sinan Demiray, Jesús Ramírez, Marcela Pardo, Patrizio Petrone

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Proctocolectomy with J reservoir mucosectomy: Results of the surgical management of ulcerative colitis
Fenig Rodríguez, José, Germán Humberto Delgadillo Teyer, Campos Campos, Francisco, José Arturo Velásquez García, Arroyo Lovera, Hugo, Luis Galindo Mendoza

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Anorectal melanoma. Report of 11 cases
Marco Antonio Terán Porcayo, Ana Celia Gómez del Castillo Rangel

Case reports

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Colonic perforation due to amebic colitis
César Athié Gutiérrez, Jiménez-Bobadilla, Billy, Abraham Pulido Cejudo, Noé R Peralta-Domínguez, Erich O Basurto-Kuba, José L García-Baca

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Aortogastric fistula. Report of one case treated with aortic repair, total gastrectomy and Roux-in-Y-esophagus-jejunal anastomosis
Germán Humberto Delgadillo Teyer, José Arturo Velásquez García, Fenig Rodríguez, José, Campos Campos, Francisco, Jorge Cervantes Cruz, Bernardo Medina Portillo

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Abdominal vascular lesions. A major challenge for the trauma surgeon
Eric Kuncir, Sinan Demiray, Juan A Asensio, Tamer Karsidag, Patrizio Petrone

Review articles

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Surgical endoscopy in the trauma patient
William R Fry, Stephen Smith

[Full text - PDF]
Mechanical ventilation in acute lung injury. Is there anything new?
Jorge L Rodríguez, Chad J Richardson

[Full text - PDF]
The focused ultrasound examination for trauma
R Stephen Smith


[Full text - PDF]
Twenty five years of the Journal Cirujano General and why surgeons do not write?
Sigler Morales, Luis


[Full text - PDF]
Obesity surgery and ethics
Alvarez Cordero, Rafael

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