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Díaz-Rosales JD, Enríquez-Domínguez L, Arriaga-Carrera JM, Herrera-Ramírez F, Ibarra-Paz E
Abdominal infection in stomach perforations vs small intestine ones in patients with penetrating abdominal trauma
Cir Gen 2010; 32 (4)

Language: Español
References: 12
Page: 221-225
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Objective: To evaluate whether penetrating injuries to the stomach have a higher morbidity and mortality than small bowel injuries.
Setting: General Hospital of Ciudad Juarez, Chih. México.
Design: Cohort study.
Statistical analysis: Averages as summary measure, Fisher’s exact test and chi square test.
Patients and methods: We analyzed two groups: group I included those patients with injuries to the stomach isolated and/or associated to other organs, not including the small bowel, and group II composed of patients with injuries to the small bowel isolated and/or associated to other organs not including the stomach. Analyzed variables were age, gender, type of injury, degree of injury, associated injuries, infection of the surgical site either superficial or deep, infection to the organ/space, peritoneal sepsis, inhospital stay, and mortality.
Results: We studied 166 patients, average age of 29 (± 10), male: female proportion was 20:1. Group I included 45 patients and group II, 121 patients. Firearm injuries are still the most common ones, there were in average three injuries per patient in group I, and 3.6 in group II. The most frequently associated injuries were, in group I, to the liver, spleen, colon-rectum, and diaphragm; whereas in group II, these were to the colon-rectum, liver and diaphragm. No statistically significant differences were found in regard to infection of the surgical site, superficial or deep and of organ/space, peritoneal sepsis, mortality, or in-hospital stay.
Conclusion: Stomach perforations due to penetrating trauma have no higher prevalence of abdominal infections than those of the small bowel with the same etiology.

Key words: Abdominal injuries/complications, gastric trauma, small bowel trauma, surgical site infection, sepsis, mortality.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2010, Issue 4

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