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Palermo MSF, Luscialdo S, Aguilar M,Martínez F, Trigubo D
Intrauterus diagnosis of Galeno vein malformation
Perinatol Reprod Hum 2011; 25 (2)

Language: Español
References: 3
Page: 94-98
PDF: 274.52 Kb.

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Authors report two cases of Galen Vein congenital defect registered by echographic screening during the third trimester of gestation. Case 1: Non-ecoluccent ultrasound image equidistant to Willis polygon, revealed as a vascular alert sign at Doppler color array. A pulsed Doppler screening confirm assert showing a spinned and turbulent figure which it was diagnosed as a Galen Vein aneurism. A healthy 3,960 g male newborn was delivered by cesarean section and his brain ultrasound study revealed an ecogenic spinned turbulent cyst back to third ventricle. Echocardiogram screening revealed right cavities dilatation and left-right shunt according to media pulmonary hypertension. Regular and dynamic brain MRN revealed a Galen Vein malformation, so, a successful embolization treatment was performed at 8 months of life. Case 2: Fetal evaluation includes an ultrasound screening at 27 weeks which revealed suspicious of a brain vascular defect. After a new and advanced pulsed ultrasound evaluation at 30th week of gestation, an ascitis, a left pericardium drainage and a right cavities cardiomegalia were registered. Doppler screening revealed umbilical artery reverse shunt and a medium brain artery dilatation. Echocardiogram registered an balanced activity cardiomegalia. Therefore, fetal lung maturity was induced and a cesarean section was performed at 31 weeks of pregnancy after fetal abdomen drainage. A male newborn with 1,744 g, Apgar score 5/8 was delivery. Unfortunately, after a 27 coil vascular treatment, a cardiac distress combined to pleura hemorrage and hepatomegalia were developed. A III and IV ventricle arrest and hydrocephalia were also registered. Newborn dies at 3rd day of treatment. Authors state up-dated information is scarce, however medical treatment must be done when general neonatal health be improved and balanced and let to vascular current procedure be performed.

Key words: Echographic diagnosis of congenital disorders, intrauterus vascular defects, Galen vein malformation, neonatal cardiovascular treatment.


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>Journals >Perinatología y Reproducción Humana >Year 2011, Issue 2

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