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>Journals >Medimay >Year 2018, Issue 3

Mendieta PMD, Bender BJE, González LI
Acquired cognitive level after an educative intervention in doctors from Mayabeque
Revista de Ciencias Médicas de la Habana 2018; 25 (3)

Language: Español
References: 11
Page: 246-253
PDF: 104.07 Kb.

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Introduction: the level of knowledge about cerebrovascular diseases is essential to evaluate the competence of Primary Health Care doctors who directly assist this knowledge entity.
Objective: to determine the cognitive level of doctors who assist patients with cerebrovascular diseases in Emergency Units in Mayabeque before and after an educative intervention.
Method: An intervention study of Quasi experimental type was carried out before and after without control group, to determine the acquired knowledge in a capacitation strategy about ischemic cerebrovascular diseases in all the Primary Health Care doctors related to the assistance of these patients.
Results: Qualifications before the educative intervention were lower than 3,52 points considered as Bad, after the intervention an average marks were obtained although they were not excellent. Knowledge about prognosis kept bad in spite of the intervention. The 91,7% of the surveyed doctors considered that it was necessary to know the prognostic scales.
Conclusions: The level of knowledge before the intervention was bad in most of the studied ITEMS, afterword, regular results were obtained in most of the ITEMS. Bad marks were not modified in knowledge about prognosis, even after the educative intervention. Most of the doctors consider important to know about these prognostic scales.

Key words: stroke, knowledge, education medical graduate, primary health care, secondary care.

>Journals >Medimay >Year 2018, Issue 3

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