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Pérez ZGA, Monteagudo RJ, Ramos RJ
Mediastinal lymphoma: apropos of a patient
Acta Med Cent 2013; 7 (2)

Language: Español
References: 12
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The case of a 25-year-old male patient, with an apparent history of good health, who began to have retrosternal pain with several months of evolution, fainting and occasional dyspnea, is reported. A chest X-ray, a simple lung computed tomography and a contrasted computed tomography were carried out. They showed the presence of a mediastinal tumor. In a right anterolateral thoracotomy, a thick polylobulated tumor was found, covering the superior and anterior mediastinum and encompassing the great vessels. Surgical resection was decided (cytoreductive surgery), since the tumor exerted a compressive effect on the right atrium and ventricle. The pathologic anatomy report indicates: Classical Hodgkin lymphoma, nodular sclerosis variant in the thymic area. The patient improved.

Key words: mediastinal lymphoma, surgical resection.


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