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January-February, 2000; Volume 14: Issue 1
Acta Ortop Mex 2000; 14 (1)



[Full text - PDF]
The usefulness of informed consent in the hospital “Victorio de la Fuente Narváez”
Luis Gómez Velázquez, Luis Néstor Gómez Espinosa

[Full text - PDF]
A mechanical study of the spine internal fixator INO. First part: behavior under quasi-static flexion-compression load
Zeferino Damián Noriega, Alejandro Reyes Sánchez, Domínguez Hernández, Víctor M, Urriolagoitia Calderón, Guillermo, Luis H Hernández Gómez

[Full text - PDF]
Application of AO comprehensive classification for thoraco-lumbar fractures and an evaluation of its functionality
Néstor Guillermo Tamara Montes, Didier Sánchez Sifuentes, Sergio Anaya Vallejo

[Full text - PDF]
Biomechanical principles in treatment of thoraco-lumbar spine fractures
Néstor Guillermo Tamara-Montes, Bernardino López-Villagómez, Sergio Anaya-Vallejo

[Full text - PDF]
Management of thoraco-lumbar fractures. Comparative trial between anterior and posterior stabilization
Didier Omar Sánchez-Sifuentes, Néstor Guillermo Tamara-Montes, Rafael Fajardo Barraza, Sergio Anaya Vallejo

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of thoraco-lumbar vertebral instability by transpedicular instrumentation system “Hospital Juárez de México
Diego de la Torre González, Góngora López, Jorge, Víctor M Huerta Olivares, Gómez-Llata, García Sergio

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical-epidemiological trial in patients who have gunshot spine injuries, admitted to a reference social security hospital
López B, Sergio Anaya Vallejo, Rafael Rodríguez Cabrera, Roberto Palapa García Leobardo

[Full text - PDF]
Non-surgical treatment of thoraco-lumbar spine fractures
Aldo Hernández German, Manuel Dufoo Olvera, José Antonio Aburto Trejo, Ozcar F García López

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of unstable vertebral cervical injuries
Néstor Guillermo Tamara Montes, Gustavo Casas Martínez, Rafael Fajardo Barraza, Sergio Anaya Vallejo

[Full text - PDF]
Prototype of thoracic anterior fixation system for video-assisted endoscopic procedures for thoracoscopy
Eduardo Luque-Rebollar, Víctor Sandoval-Sánchez, Ricardo Naumann-Flores, Fortunato Reyes-Herrera, Delfino Flores-Herrera, Héctor Sánchez-Aldana, Gabriel Herrera-Zarco

[Full text - PDF]
Minimal retroperitoneal anterior approach for operating spine from T-12 to S-1: anatomical basis and surgical applications
Lazannec JY, Ramares S, Del Vecchio R, Saillant G

[Full text - PDF]
The use of a new plate for treatment of cervical discarthrosis
Jorge Marcelino Alanís-Cruces, Roberto Lara-De la Fuente

[Full text - PDF]
Tridimensional correction of thoracic scoliotic deformities by transoperative transverse traction after two year follow-up
Mota Bolfeta, Rafael, Alfredo León Delbouis Molina, Raul Escalona Valencia

[Full text - PDF]
Standardization of method and record conditions of somatosensorial evoked potentials in corrective surgery for deformities of the spine. Neurophysiological study in 82 operated cases
Rosa Elena Escobar-Cedillo, Margoth Castillo-Herrera, Socorro Lona-Pimentel, Luis Miguel Rosales

[Full text - PDF]
Repair of inter articularis pars in spondylolitic spondylolysthesis. Osteosynthesis by transpedicular screws and tension bands
Gaspar González Astudillo, José Luis González Rico

[Full text - PDF]
Lumbar sprain by labour accident in chemical industry and in workers affiliated at the Mexican Security Social System 1995-1997. Mexico City
S Salinas-Tovar, Ma Lozada Montoya, P López-Rojas, B Hernández-Leyva, López-Marmolejo, A

[Full text - PDF]
Gunshot injuries of the spine without spinal cord injury. Report of two cases
Rafael Rodríguez Cabrera, Sergio Anaya Vallejo, Rafael Fajardo Barraza, Gonzalo Vázquez-Vela Johnson

[Full text - PDF]
Radiographic measurement of coccyx
Antonio Cuéllar Puente

Proceeding, techniques and communications in spine surgery

[Full text - PDF]
Spine instrumentation system
Felipe Miguel Camarillo Juárez, Cruz, Miguel, Agustín Lazarini, Braulio Hernández Carbajal, Juan Ramón Bonfil, Pedro Antonio Bravo B

[Full text - PDF]
Spine endoscopy
Joel Sánchez García

[Full text - PDF]
Lumbar and lumbosacral fusion. Current concepts
Tejeda Barreras, Martín

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