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March-April, 2008; Volume 65: Issue 2
Rev ADM 2008; 65 (2)


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Elías Grego Samra

Research article

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Damage to bucal mucosa induced by sodium fluoride in the rat: increase in apoptotic paramethers
Gutiérrez-Salinas, José

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Evaluation of visual alterations and their relations with the power of discrimination in dental color registration between dental students with natural and artificial light source
Yeni Arreortúa Cisneros, Gerardo De Leo Vargas, Manuel Salgado Valladares, Erdson R Ocadiz Ibarra, Gustavo Olvera Álvarez, Díaz Romero, Rosa María

[Full text - PDF]
Frequency of the periodontal disease and alveolar bone loss in patients with tobacco of National Institution Respiratory Diseases
Sabdy Antonio Bolaños Cruz, Carlos Arturo Torres Medina, Herminia González Cruz, María Jennifer Osio Echanove, Díaz Romero, Rosa María

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Dentine remineralization in primary molars: radiographic evaluation
Gabriela Quintero Lucas, María Lidia Elizondo, Guillermo M Rosa

Case reports

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Temporary obturator, a treatment choice for acquired maxillary defects in a pediatric patient: clinical report
Sergio Adrián Murillo Hernández, Rosa Antonia López Parada

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Treatment of chronic mandibular dislocation: Articular eminence down fracture osteotomy with chin bone graft. Case report
Ebed Y Pimentel Madrigal, Manuel González Montelongo

[Full text - PDF]
Resilon: A new system of obturation in endodontics: case report and literature review
Paola Truque Rivera, Silva-Herzog Flores, Daniel, Amaury de Jesús Pozos Guillén


[Full text - PDF]
An optimized lip retractor for occlusal photography
Ugalde Morales, Francisco Javier

>Journals >Revista de la Asociación Dental Mexicana >Year 2008

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