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January-February, 2011; Volume 147: Issue 1
Gac Med Mex 2011; 147 (1)


Original articles

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Drainange time in patients submitted to radical neck disection. Influence of peri-operative intravenous liquid perfusion
Gerardo Durán-Briones, Gallegos Hernández, José Francisco, María Elena Rendón Arroyo, Dulce María Hernández-Hernández

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Elevated stimulated thyroglobulin levels in the identification of persistent papillary thyroid carcinoma
Paola Jervis, Baldomero González, Guadalupe Vargas, Mercado, Moisés

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Skin cancer in adults younger than 40 years at the General Hospital of Mexico
Díaz-González, Jose Manuel, Peniche-Castellanos, Amelia, Fierro-Arias, Leonel, Ponce-Olivera, Rosa María

Review articles

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Premotor diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease
Morales-Briceño, Hugo, Cervantes-Arriaga, Amin, Rodríguez-Violante, Mayela

[Full text - PDF]
Women´s reproductive related disorders: a new proposal for the mental health field
Flores-Ramos, Mónica

[Full text - PDF]
Genetic polimorphisms and xenobiotic exposure in infantile asthma
Rodrigo Balam Muñoz Soto, Arnulfo Albores Medina

Opinion article

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Diagnostic and therapeutic misunderstandings derived from case-control studies and meta-analyses
Zárate, Arturo

Special Article

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Institutional strengthening and updating of the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico (results and instrumentalization 2010-2012)
Manuel H Ruiz de Chávez, Kershenobich, David, Mansilla Olivares, Armando , Javier Mancilla Ramírez, Pablo Kuri Morales, Alejandro del Valle Muñoz

Clinical case

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Chagas disease in Mexico. Report of two acute cases
Paz María Salazar Schettino, Martha Bucio Torres, Margarita Cabrera Bravo, Adela Luisa Ruíz Hernández

Medical Imaging

[Full text - PDF]
Morning Glory Syndrome
Erika Paulina López-Lizárraga, Bolaños-Jiménez, Rodrigo, M Guadalupe Treviño-Alanís, Rivera-Silva, Gerardo

Molecular biology and medicine

[Full text - PDF]
Gastric cancer: genetic and molecular abnormalities
Torres-Jasso, Juan Heriberto, Josefina Yoali Sánchez-López

History and philosophy of medicine

[Full text - PDF]
Albert Einstein and his abdominal aortic aneurysm
Cervantes Castro, Jorge

In memoriam

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Roberto Martínez Martínez
Salamanca-Gómez, Fabio

[Full text - PDF]
Dr. Elías S. Canales Pérez
Zárate, Arturo

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