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April-June, 2015; Volume 29: Issue 2
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2015; 29 (2)



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Objective of the editorial address
Díaz de León Ponce, Manuel Antonio

Research works

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Albumin in critical care obstetrics
Viruez-Soto, José Antonio, Briones-Garduño, Jesús Carlos, Díaz de León-Ponce, Manuel Antonio, Briones-Vega, Carlos Gabriel

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Procalcitonin/C reactive protein (PCT/CRP) index as a predictor of mortality in patients with septic shock
Martha Pérez Pérez, Adrián Palacios Chavarría, Alejandra Sauceda, Aguirre Sánchez, Janet, Franco Granillo, Juvenal

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Water balance: a marker of clinical evolution prognostic in critically ill patients. Preliminary report
González Pérez, Netzahualcóyotl, Ivette Zapata Centeno, Rodolfo Gaona López, Alberto Aguayo Muñoz, Adriana Camacho Noguez, Lilia López Carrillo

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Mean systemic pressure measurement and it’s correlation with the pulse pressure variation in critically ill patient
Yesica Ivone Martínez Baltazar, Ulises Wilfrido Cerón Díaz, Limbert Carlos Sagardia Serrudo

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Mortality in critically ill patients with obesity
Vásquez-Revilla, Héctor Romeo, Revilla-Rodríguez, Eduardo, Terrazas-Luna, Víctor

[Full text - PDF]
Comparison of serum value of C3 in survivors and non-survivors patients with septic shock
Manuel Martínez-Medina, León-Gutiérrez, Marco Antonio


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Assessment and response preload volume by ultrasonography of the vena cava
Carrillo Esper, Raúl, Tapia Velasco, Rafael, Yazmín Galván Talamantes, Eduardo Garrido Aguirre

Case report

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Acute lung injury related to immunoglobulin and platelet transfusion. Critical care obstetrics case report
Viruez Soto, José Antonio, Vallejo Narváez, Carla María, Briones Vega, Carlos, Briones Garduño, Jesús Carlos , Díaz de León Ponce, Manuel Antonio

Images in medicine

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Thrombus in transit right ventricular
Carrillo-Esper, Raúl, Pérez Calatayud, Ángel Augusto, Peña Pérez, Carlos Alberto

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