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March-April, 2015; Volume 29: Issue 2
Acta Ortop Mex 2015; 29 (2)



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Reflections of an expert in the defense of the professional orthopedist practice
Hernández-Rodríguez R

Original Articles

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Posteromedial approach and plating for a tibial plateau fracture with a posterior fragment
Robledo-Herrera O, Diego-Ball D, Oliva-Ramírez S

[Full text - PDF]
Comparative study of the management of congenital brachymetatarsia with elongation with callotaxis
Montero-Quijano, M, Mora-Ríos, FG, Mejía-Rohenes C, López-Marmolejo, A, Tamayo-Pacho, F, Antonio-Romero CE

[Full text - PDF]
Shoulder arthroplasty in the private practice. Analysis of demographics and comorbid conditions in a sample of 120 patients
López-Muñoz, R, Encalada-Díaz, MI, Mondragón-Rodríguez T, Aguirre-Rodríguez, VH, Valero-González, FS

[Full text - PDF]
Proximal humerus fractures: clinical assessment and functional outcome in patients with osteonecrosis of the humeral head
Gómez-Mont Landerreche JG, Gil-Orbezo, F, Morales-Domínguez H, Flores-Carrillo, A, Levy-Holden G, Capuano-Tripp P

[Full text - PDF]
Surgical management of anterior cavus foot in Charcot-Marie-Tooth patients. Five-year follow-up
Parra-Téllez, P, Hernández-González JL, López-Gavito, E, Vázquez-Escamilla, J

[Full text - PDF]
Surgical randomized controlled trial of two procedures for hallux valgus: recruitment failure
DeGroot H, Centeno-Arnuero E

Clinical Cases

[Full text - PDF]
Vertebral hydatidosis: case report
Varela R, Santelices JP, Cuzmar D, Aldunate JT, Plaza-Guzmán, N , Lizama-Calvo P

[Full text - PDF]
Formation of a single bone in the forearm in infected pseudoarthrosis of the proximal ulna
Escobedo-Troncoso VM, Cantú-Morales D

[Full text - PDF]
Case report and literature review: elbow fracture dislocation in children
Guzmán R, Rincón D, Camacho J

[Full text - PDF]
Pseudoseptic arthritis with foreign body synovitis in a patient with gout
Valerio-Morales IA, Espinosa-Morales R, Sánchez-González A, Cedeño-Garcidueñas AL, Pichardo-Bahena R, Lezama-Peniche, M


[Full text - PDF]
Degenerative adult scoliosis
García-Ramos, CL, Obil-Chavarría, CA, Zárate-Kalfópulos, B, Rosales-Olivares, LM, Alpizar-Aguirre, A, Reyes-Sánchez, AA

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