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Lozano DRR, Córdova SA, Villagómez AE
Effect of reduced dose of prostaglandin vía intravulvo submucosal on the luteolytic effect and the estrous cycle in brown swiss cows
Vet Mex 1997; 28 (3)

Language: English/Spanish
References: 23
Page: 197-202
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of a reduced dose of prostaglandin (PG) via intravulvosubmucosa (SMIV) and ipsilateral to corpora lutea (IPL). Thirty nine Brown Swiss cows in production, with regular estrous cycles, were assigned to different treatments: 15 mg of Luprostiol (LP) intramuscularly; T1, 11.2 mg of LP via SMIV and IPL and T2, 7.5 mg of LP via SMIV and IPL. For progesterone determination, a sample was taken at 0 h to 72 h post-treatment every 12 h. The luteolytic effect was considered when the concentrations of progesterone were lower than 1 ng/ml, and these were maintained until 72 h posttreatment. At 0 h, the concentrations of progesterone were 3.22 ng/ml in all treatments (P › 0.05). After 24 h post-treatment this concentrations were lower than 1 ng/ml in all treatments and were maintained until 72 h post-treatment (P › 0.05). The percentage of estrous (PTE) (84.1 %) and the interval treatment-estrous (82.2 h) were similar between treatments (P › 0.05). Body weight at the beginning of the treatment, milk production level and the number of calving were not significant on luteolytic effect and on PTE (P › 0.05). Intravulvo-submucosal injection of reduced dose of PG had a luteolytic effect and the estrous rate was similar to the conventional dose.



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