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September-October, 2016; Volume 30: Issue 4
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2016; 30 (4)



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Science, Technology and Humanization
Poblano Morales, Manuel

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About ethics, research lines and other problems
Elizalde González, José Javier

Research works

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Effectiveness of automated weaning protocol (SmartCare®) compared to nonautomated weaning protocols for mechanical ventilation withdrawal in adult patients on Intensive Care Unit
Aguilar Arzápalo, Mario Francisco, Escalante Castillo, Adrián, Góngora Mukul, Jimmy José, López Avendaño, Víctor Gabriel, Cetina Cámara, Marco Antonio, Magdaleno Lara, Gabriel Alejandro

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Diagnostic accuracy of the stress test with furosemide to predict of severe acute kidney injury
Vega Martínez, Diana, Aguirre Ávalos, Guadalupe, Chávez Iñiguez, Jonathan Samuel, Colunga Lozano, Luis Enrique, Estrada Gil, Flavio César

[Full text - PDF]
Prone positioning in severe acute respiratory distress syndrome
Romano Albornoz, Paola Verónica, Olvera Guzmán, Claudia, Rodríguez Zárate, Cecilia, Gálvez Blanco, Graziella Alexandra, Aguirre Sánchez, Janet, Franco Granillo, Juvenal


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Ultrasonographic evaluation of diaphragmatic function by double approach in the critically ill patient
Carrillo Esper, Raúl, Pérez Calatayud, Ángel Augusto, Peña Pérez, Carlos Alberto

Case report

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Early reconstruction in thoracic trauma. Case report
Munguía-Canales, Daniel Alejandro, López-Gutiérrez, Alberto, Meza-López, Luis Raúl

Images in medicine

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Diameter of the optic nerve sheath. A tool for dynamic monitoring of intracranial hypertension
Carrillo Esper, Raúl, Rojo del Moral, Oscar, Cruz Santana, Julio Alberto, Romero González, Juan Pablo

Letters to the Editor

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Xuebijing, the Chinese panacea for the critically ill patient
Del Carpio Orantes, Luis

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Fernández Rodríguez, Diana


XLIII Annual Congress of the Colegio Mexicano de Medicina Crítica A.C.

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