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November-Diciembre, 2016; Volume 30: Issue 5
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2016; 30 (5)


Message of the President

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Strategic objectives
Cerón Díaz, Ulises W


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Fidel Castro and his famous phrase: «History will absolve me»
Cervantes Castro, Jorge

Research works

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Clinical classification of tissue perfusion in patients with septic shock based on central venous oxygen saturation (SvcO2) and central venous-to-arterial carbon dioxide difference/arterial-central venous oxygen (ΔP(v-a)CO2/C(a-v)O2)
Rivera Solís, Gerardo, Sánchez Díaz, Jesús Salvador, Martínez Rodríguez, Enrique Antonio, García Méndez, Rosalba Carolina, Huanca Pacaje, Juan Marcelo, Calyeca Sánchez, María Verónica

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Resuscitation models for liver transplantation at the intensive care unit and the development of postoperatory complications
Teijeiro Paradis, Ricardo, Fonseca Lazcano, José Antonio, Rivero Sigarroa, Eduardo, Domínguez Cherit, Guillermo, Vilatobá Chapa, Mario

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A physicochemical approach to acid-base balance in critically ill patients after infusion of seven different types of balanced fluids
Rugerio Cabrera, Andrea, Monares Zepeda, Enrique, Franco Granillo, Juvenal, Aguirre Sánchez, Janet Silvia, Sánchez Rodríguez, Alain

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Relationship between the Child-Pugh+lactate score and mortality in cirrhotic patients in the intensive care unit
Carrillo Esper, Raúl, Díaz Carrillo, Manuel Alejandro, Arch Tirado, Emilio, Zepeda Mendoza, Adriana Denise, Meza Márquez, José Martín, Pérez Calatayud, Ángel Augusto

[Full text - PDF]
Safety profile of bemiparin thromboprofilaxis in critically III patients
Santillana Juárez, Andrés, Chávez Pérez, Carlos Eduardo, Muñoz Ramírez, María Del Rosario, Sánchez Nava, Víctor Manuel

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Validation of the «Sequential Organ Failure Assessment» score with modified cardiovascular component in the Intensive Care Unit of the San Angel Inn Universidad Hospital
Monares Zepeda, Enrique, Rodríguez Guillén, Job Heriberto, Valles Guerrero, Alberto, Galindo Martín, Carlos Alfredo, Corrales Brenes, Edgar José, Suárez Cruz, Alejandro

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Monitoring of residual functional capacity in patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome. Case report and review of the literature
Rivera Chávez, Manuel José, Valero Rodríguez, Julián Enrique, Valero Vidal, Maximiliano

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Does using high-flow oxygen reduce the need for intubation compared with the use of non-invasive ventilation in the patient with mild acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)?
Segoviano Gómez, Edgar, Vejar Sánchez, José Alberto, Arvizu Velasco, Diana, Barrios López, Melba Andrea


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An update on the management of status epilepticus in adults
Fernández-Hernández, Samantha, Ocegueda-Pacheco, Cynthia, Varon, Joseph

Case report

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Myxedema and syndrome Ogilvie associated at aripiprazole, memantine and venlafaxine. Case report
Palacios Moguel, Paul, Cepeda Jiménez, Miguel, Arellano Estrada, Juan Manuel

Images in medicine

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Breathing Biot. Extubation failure
Sánchez Díaz, Jesús Salvador, Flores Hernández, Ricardo, Martínez Rodríguez, Enrique Antonio, Peniche Moguel, Gabriela, Huanca Pacaje, Juan Marcelo, Calyeca Sánchez, Verónica

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XLIII Annual Congress of the Mexican College of Critical Care Medicine Outline
Vázquez Mathieu, Jean Paul

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