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November-Diciembre, 2017; Volume 60: Issue 6
Rev Fac Med UNAM 2017; 60 (6)



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The Invisibles
Fortoul van der Goes, Teresa I

Review article

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The role of cats in toxoplasmosis. Reality and responsibility
Rivera Fernández, Norma, García Dávila, Paola

Clinical cases

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Rapidly progressive renal injury as a manifestation of acute tubular necrosis with an uncertain origin in a marathonist: A differential diagnosis is not always simple
Castillo Ramírez, Rogelio Edgar, Montalvo Domínguez, Gonzalo Anuar, Enríquez Román, Lizbeth, Uribe Uribe, Norma Ofelia, Morales-Buenrostro, Luis Eduardo

[Full text - PDF]
Gastric rupture due to paper bag mechanism because of a closed abdominal trauma. A case report
Rodríguez Vázquez, Jaqueline Vanessa, Trueba Lozano, Demian, Vázquez Minero, Juan Carlos


[Full text - PDF]
Functional limitation due to a secondary vicious consolidation of a distal radius fracture
Rosiles Exkiws, José Antonio, Vázquez Espinosa, Luis Fernando, Pérez Castro y Vázquez, Jorge Alfonso

Returning to the already visited paths

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The biological cycle of the intestinal coccidia and its clinical application
García Dávila, Paola, Rivera Fernández, Norma

News in medicine

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Nutritional aspects in space flights
Carrillo-Espera, Raúl, Zepeda-Mendoza, Adriana Denise

[Full text - PDF]
Vector-borne diseases and the potential use of Wolbachia, an obligate endocellular bacterium, to eradicate them
Uribe-Álvarez, Cristina, Chiquete Félix, Natalia

Medicine and Art

[Full text - PDF]
Gula Guri mayin (heal the body)
Fortoul van der Goes, Teresa I

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