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March-April, 2014; Volume 150: Issue 2
Gac Med Mex 2014; 150 (2)



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Gaceta Médica de México en la bibliometría
Lifshitz, Alberto, Halabe, José, Ramiro H, Manuel

Original articles

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Dengue in Mexico: an analysis of two decades
Ivonne Torres-Galicia, David Cortés-Poza, Ingeborg Becker

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence of dyslipidemias in Mexico city and Its relation to other cardiovascular risk factors. Results from the CARMELA study
Escobedo-de la Peña, Jorge , Ramón de Jesús-Pérez, Herman Schargrodsky, Champagne, Beatriz

[Full text - PDF]
Knowledge and attitudes of teachers at a Medical School and the use of clinical practice guidelines
Padrón Salas, Aldanely, Abraham Torres Montes, Soria Orozco, Manuel, Amado Nieto Caraveo, Luis Meave Gutiérrez Mendoza

[Full text - PDF]
Correlations between the dimensions of clinical learning environments from the perspective of medical residents
Hamui Sutton, Alicia, Fernando Flores Hernández, Samuel Gutiérrez Barreto, Senyasen Castro Ramírez, Carlos Lavalle Montalvo, Pelayo Vilar Puig

Review Article

[Full text - PDF]
Colorectal cancer (CCR): genetic and molecular alterations
Clara Ibet Juárez-Vázquez, Rosales-Reynoso, Mónica Alejandra

Clinical cases

[Full text - PDF]
Ultrasonographic evaluation of the diameter of the optic nerve sheath for medication of intracranial pressure: a case report
Carrillo Esper, Raúl, Flores Rivera, Oscar Iván, Peña Pérez, Carlos Alberto, Carrillo Córdova, Luis Daniel, Carrillo Córdova, Jorge Raúl, Carrillo Córdova, Carlos Alberto, Carrillo Córdova, Dulce María

[Full text - PDF]
Asymptomatic human infection from contact with dogs: a case of human ehrlichiosis
Ángela Beatriz Silva, Socorro Pina Canseco, María del Pilar Gabriel de la Torre, Alejandro Mayoral Silva, Miguel Ángel Mayoral, Laura Pérez-Campos Mayoral, Jael López Martínez, Eduardo Pérez-Campos

[Full text - PDF]
Primary cutaneous coccidioidomycosis in an infant
Rojas-García, Olga Carolina, María Guadalupe Moreno-Treviño, Francisco González-Salazar, Salas-Alanís, Julio César

Opinion article

[Full text - PDF]
Understanding my patient from the personalist bioethics
Jonathan Cardona Vélez

Special Article

[Full text - PDF]
Vaccination in Mexico in the context of the “vaccine decades”: achievements and challenges
José Ignacio Santos

History and philosophy of medicine

[Full text - PDF]
Theodor Billroth: more than a century of artistic greatness
López-Valdés, Julio César

[Full text - PDF]
Concept and history of public health in Mexico (XVIII to XX century)
Arturo Fierros Hernández

[Full text - PDF]
Red Cross: more than an indicative signal, an emblem and a denomination regulated for its use
Karlos Castilla Juárez

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