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May-June, 2002; Volume 40: Issue 3
Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc 2002; 40 (3)



[Full text - PDF]
Maternal Mortality a Problem Even at Present
Vitelio Velasco Murillo

Original contributions

[Full text - PDF]
The One and a Half syndrome. Case Report
Eduardo Salazar Weil, Francisco Javier Vargas Becerra

[Full text - PDF]
Bone Remodeling Biochemical Markers. Effects of Hormone Replacement in Menopausic Women
Basurto, Lourdes, Saucedo, Renata, Zárate, Arturo

[Full text - PDF]
Modified Medical Outcomes Study (MOS) Validation for AIDS Quality of Life Evaluation
Héctor Rafael Sánchez Nuncio, Carlos Loredo Díaz Infante, Moisés Casarrubias Ramírez, A. Elena Vilchis Guízar, María del Carmen Martínez García, Juan Garduño Espinosa

Social medicine

[Full text - PDF]
Organizational Culture in Health Systems Why Study the Culture?
Teodoro Carrada Bravo

Family medicine

[Full text - PDF]
Type 2 Diabetes. Family Health-Competence
Quiroz Pérez, José Rubén, Rutila Castañeda Limones, Patricia Ocampo Barrio, Patricia Leonor Pérez Sánchez, María del Carmen Martínez García

Daily practice

[Full text - PDF]
Nutritional Evaluation in Adolescents. 3. Body Composition
Ortiz Hernández, Luis

[Full text - PDF]
Venous Thromboembolism in the Intensive Care Unit. An Unsolved Problem
Mayra Martínez González, Jorge Alberto Castañón González

General information

[Full text - PDF]
Suicide Attempts Frequency Seen in the Emergency Room
Hernández Pérez, Francisco

[Full text - PDF]
Mexican Official Nom NOM-016-SSA2-1994 for the Vigilance, Prevention, Control, Management, and Treatment of Cholera

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