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July-August, 2006; Volume 44: Issue 4
Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc 2006; 44 (4)



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Educational Practice in Health Institutions
Estela Aguilar-Mejía

Original contributions

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The Scope of Educational Strategy in Teaching Education of Visiting Professors
Manuel Ramírez-Munguía, Héctor Cobos-Aguilar, Juana Elvia Castillo-Calderón, Estela Aguilar-Mejía, Bertha Isabel Arévalo-Rivas

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Probability of Control of the Patient with Diabetes Exclusively Treated with Pharmacological Therapy
Villarreal-Ríos, Enrique, Alejandro Paredes-Chaparro, Martínez-González, Lidia, Galicia-Rodríguez, Liliana , Emma Vargas-Daza, María Eugenia Garza-Elizondo

[Full text - PDF]
Sensitivity and Predictive Value of the Johnson and Toshach Method to Estimate Fetal Weight
Flavio Hernández-Castro, Alfredo Laredo-Rodríguez, Ricardo Hernández-Herrera

[Full text - PDF]
Identification of Risk Factors in Relatives of Type-2 Diabetics
Norma Angélica Cuevas-Álvarez, Yolanda Vela-Otero, Teodoro Carrada-Bravo

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Learning Approaches Used by Undergraduate Interns in the Development of a Medical Specialty
Gustavo Cumplido-Hernández, Ma. Faustina Campos-Arciniega, Arturo Chávez-López, Vicente García-Pérez

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Metabolic Syndrome in Adults from 20 to 40 Years Old in a Rural Mexican Community
Mauro Echavarría-Pinto, Adrián Hernández-Lomelí, Marco Antonio Alcocer-Gamba, Héctor Morales-Flores, Alberto Vázquez-Mellado

Current themes

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What is the Institutional Teaching Career?
Estela Aguilar-Mejía

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Arbovirus Causing Hemorrhagic Fever at IMSS
Joel Navarrete-Espinosa, Gómez-Dantés, Héctor

Clinical and surgical practice

[Full text - PDF]
Presentation of a Clinical Case of Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ricardo Guraieb-Ibarrola, Paola Guraieb-Chahín

[Full text - PDF]
Cerebral Venous Thrombosis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Case Report and Literature Review
Gladys Patricia Agreda-Vásquez, Galván-Plata, María Eugenia, Nellen-Hummel, Haiko, Halabe-Cherem, José

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Images of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Esophagic Candidiasis
Membrillo-Romero, Alejandro, Oscar Hernández-Mondragón, Blancas-Valencia, Juan Manuel

Letters to the editor

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Generic Medicines. Second Intervention
Murillo-Godínez, Guillermo

[Full text - PDF]
Generic Medicines. Final Comments
Manuel Quijano

General information

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IMSS in Numbers: the Census of Diabetic Patients, 2004

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical Effects of the Alterations that Emerge in the Signaling Mechanisms of the Insulin Receptor
Hernández-Valencia, Marcelino

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