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July-September, 2004; Volume 26: Issue 3
Cir Gen 2004; 26 (3)



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Surgery of head and neck for the general surgeon. (Part I)
Hurtado-López, Luis Mauricio

Original Articles

[Full text - PDF]
Non-traumatic surgical disease of the neck: Am I prepared to handle it?
José Ramiro Madrid Franco, Ignacio Lozano López

[Full text - PDF]
Fine needle aspiration biopsy or transoperative frozen section study in the management of the thyroid nodule
Oscar Muñoz Solís, Jorge Enrique Ramírez-Velásquez, Hurtado-López, Luis Mauricio

[Full text - PDF]
The most complex of the post-intubation stenoses: subglottic
Juan Francisco Peña García, Martha Esperanza Ramírez Martínez, Sergio Castro Ibarra, Juan Jurado Reyes, Héctor Chong

[Full text - PDF]
Approach to the cervical esophagus
Etchegaray-Donde, Agustín, Hurtado-López, Luis Mauricio

[Full text - PDF]
Is radical dissection of the neck necessary in patients with invasive cancer of the tongue, without palpable ganglia?
Blanca Elena Colmenares Bustos, Gallegos Hernández, José Francisco, Dulce María Hernández Hernández, Martín Hernández Sanjuán

[Full text - PDF]
Tuberculous lymphadenopathy of the neck: A diagnosis that should not be forgotten
Felipe Rafael Zaldívar Ramírez, Hurtado López, Luis Mauricio, David Ramírez Tapia

[Full text - PDF]
Postoperative neurological morbidity of carotid body tumors
Mario Rascón Ortiz, Luna Ortiz, Kuauhyama, Arturo Lavin Lozano, Martín Granados García, Herrera Gómez, Ángel

Review articles

[Full text - PDF]
Fine needle aspiration biopsy in head and neck lesions: Usefulness and limitations
Reyna M Duarte Torres, Hurtado López, Luis Mauricio

[Full text - PDF]
Practical gammagraphic evaluations for the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck diseases
Carlos Martínez-Duncker R

Review Article

[Full text - PDF]
Intra-abdominal gossypibomas. Frequency and attitude of the Mexican surgeon
Aguirre Córdova, Juan Francisco, Guadalupe Chávez Vásquez, Gustavo Alfonso III Huitrón Aguilar

Case reports

[Full text - PDF]
Post-traumatic pseudocyst of the spleen. Report of one case
Carlos Agustín Rodríguez Paz, Rosa María Carreón Bringas

[Full text - PDF]
Type I choledochal cyst in the adult: Report of one patient
Luis Zerr Rivera, Ubaldo Berumen Cervantes

Review Article

[Full text - PDF]
The scientific surgeon and teaching of surgery in Mexico. First part: Scientific surgeon and teaching of surgery at the undergraduate level
A Jesús Vega Malagón, Guadalupe Zaldívar Lelo de Larrea, Genaro Vega Malagón, Javier Ávila Morales, A Jesús Vega Pérez, José Luis Romero Martínez


[Full text - PDF]
Surgical infection
Samuel Fuentes del Toro

In memoriam

[Full text - PDF]
William W.L. Glenn: Academic surgeon, teacher and pioneer of surgery for the correction of congenital cardiopathy
Moisés Calderón

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