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July-August, 2008; Volume 75: Issue 4
Rev Mex Pediatr 2008; 75 (4)


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Message of the MPS president at beginning its administration


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Malnutrition-obesity: the two faces of Janus
Leopoldo Vega Franco

Original articles

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Prognostic indicators in severe traumatic brain injury in children, in intensive care unites
José Jaime Sánchez Robles, Emma Juanita Carbajal Reyes, Mayra Chávez Ríos, Víctor De la Rosa Morales

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Evidence-based guidelines for the diagnosis of ischemic stroke in debuting children
Justina Sosa Maldonado, Rendón Macías, Mario Enrique, Ballesteros del Olmo, Julio César

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Pulmonary coccidioidomycosis: 24 years of experience in the children hospital of Sonora
Manuel Alberto Cano Rangel, Álvarez Hernández, Gerardo, María de los Ángeles Durazo A, Iván Peralta Valdez

Clinical cases

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Congenital chylothorax: A case report
Manuel Cázarez Ortiz, Erika G Bernal Lara

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Mushrooms poisoning: On purpose of a child with hepatic failure
María Guadalupe Rodríguez-Maldonado, Fabiola López-Álvarez, Miguel Ángel Andrade-Padilla

Review paper

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Nutrition and feeding in mexican children and adolescents. First part: nutrimental deficiencies
Ortiz Hernández, Luis, Norma Ramos Ibáñez

Epidemiological novelties

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Epidemiological news about HIV infection in the world
Patricia Trujillo Linares, María del Carmen Gorbea Robles


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‘‘Honor to whom honor deserves’’Book in homage to Leopoldo Vega Franco MD «50 years of experience, dedication and commitment»
Ballesteros del Olmo, Julio César

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